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At Actinia, we are offering you the best personalized rent a car experience, with some of the worlds most wanted sports cars and luxury automobiles. From porsches and lamborghinis, to fast audis and BMWs, we got it covered. We are always stiving to fulfill your wishes no matter how extravagant they are. With decades of trust and loyalty behind Actinia brand, we know that customer care comes first. That is why we offer you the best short and long term rentals possible.

Are you dreaming about roofless cabriolet experience by the sea with gorgeous Porsche 911 Cabrio, or spirited driving in the twisties with the last V10 Lamborghini? Maybe you just need a spacious diesel SUV like Porsche Cayenne to take your family on the holiday, or are in the need for ‘electric spaceship’ experience of our Porsche Taycan?

We offer the best short and long term rentals, with customer service being our top priority!

With Actinia rent a car you are buying into the care-free experience of short term rental, where our fee covers it all. It covers your rent, insurance and ‘milage’, which depends on duration of your rent. All you have to worry about is putting some fuel(or electricity) in, and then just enjoy your driving. It will be the experience you never forget.

Do you want to know more about us or our fleet? Click here to view our extensive fleet or just visit our website at

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